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A Suite of Free Templates for Microsoft Word

Need a template for a novel but don't know where to start? Need a magazine-like format? For a nonfiction book? I'm proud to offer to you a suite of nine templates for Microsoft Word. For free!

What’s Included?

The suite is a zip file containing nine Word documents that I designed for students, writers or anyone who wants to use them. It includes five templates for novels and fiction:

  • The Raconteur novel template
  • The Hemingway novel template
  • The Isaacson history template
  • The Clancy fiction template
  • The Faulkner fiction template

One template for spiritual and self-help books:

  • The Mystic template

And three templates for longer works of nonfiction:

  • The Mind Alterer essay template
  • The Informer magazine template
  • The Coach how-to book template

Each template is in the basic Word document format, so please feel free to download these files and use them as you see fit. My only request? Fill them with your own brilliant writing!

Download the SqueakyClean template suite now