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About SqueakyClean

SqueakyClean is a small, downloadable utility for Microsoft Word, created specifically for writers and students — anyone who writes a lot in Word and needs additional, more powerful, writer-oriented tools.

How much does it cost? It’s free, with the purchase of Engineering Thought with Microsoft Word.

What’s included?

New sentence-level drafting tools for writing paragraphs:

  • Paragraph Girders — apply visual formatting to specific sentences in your paragraph and erect a scaffolding of visual structure that amplifies the meaning of your paragraphs.
  • EditBliss — slice & dice your paragraphs with new sentence-division tool, move words and phrases right & left with lightening speed.
  • ViewMaster — a series of handy shortcuts that show and hide visual tools that most writers don’t know about.
  • HTMLTagger — a set of basic HTML Tagging tools, available within Word.

See It in Action

View my screencast here to see SqueakyClean in action.


To install SqueakyClean, do the following:

  1. Download the latest version of SqueakyClean. This is a zip file containing the SqueakyClean template document.
  2. Drag SqueakyClean.dot into the following location:
    Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/Startup/Word
  3. Launch Word and SqueakyClean should start up and install its custom menu bars within Word.


SqueakyClean is compatible with nearly all versions of Microsoft Office after Office ‘97. A notable exception is Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, which lacks the required Visual Basic that SqueakyClean uses. This means if you’re a Mac user, you must use Office 2004 in order to use SqueakyClean. Microsoft intends to add Visual Basic in the next revision of Office, but, according to this blog entry, they don’t expect to release this until 2010 or so.


If you have problems installing SqueakyClean, please read its user manual.

How SqueakyClean was Made

SqueakyClean is made entirely out of Visual Basic, the macro language built-into Microsoft Office. It’s a collection of automations collected together into a kit and offered as an extra when you purchase Engineering Thought.

Happy computing! Now go and write great literature!

Volume Licensing for Educational Facilities

If you help run a school, university, or educational facility and are interested in SqueakyClean for your students, please email me at for information on volume license pricing.