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About Hinterland Publishing

Hinterland Publishing provides informative and entertaining media in the form of books, graphics, photography, artwork, and other multimedia.

About the Author

Rob Gilpatric graduated with a degree in the Humanities from the University of Colorado and currently lives with his family in New Jersey.

He’s used Microsoft Word since the early 90s and made a decent living designing internal documents for Merrill Lynch, Citibank, CIBC, Goldman Sachs, DLJ, and many other clients during the internet bubble era. Nowadays he works at Tekserve and publishes a blog about philosophy and self-help. He also writes books for fun.

Seminars on Microsoft Word & Writing Workshops

Rob also teaches intermediate and advanced techniques in Microsoft Word in the New York Metro area. If you want to conduct a class on Microsoft Word at your school, institution, writing group, or facility, .